23rd March 2020. During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, a regime of total lockdown, I happened to be in Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island, while my residence was in Manila. I was supposed to be there for a few days of work, but then was stranded there, as no boats were allowed between Luzon and Mindoro islands. So I ended up spending four months in Puerto, at a foundation for former street children. I was able to obtain a permit from the municipality to go out to purchase some necessities, only to find out that the whole island was literally closed, even the informal shops. The insularity was accentuated, and isolation total. During the first months of the lockdown, the Philippines suffered the most significant job loss in fifteen years, reaching an unemployment rate of 10.4%. Although I had planned to make the Philippines my home, given the unstable and unforeseeable situation, I was forced to leave the country after only one year, to return to my birthplace.
Alessandro Brasile starts his career as a theatre stage photographer and he subsequently moves on to taking portraits of actors, designers and artists. He collaborates with a number of festivals, while carrying on an intense research, exploring social reportage and documentary photography. Besides working for a rich portfolio of corporate clients, his pictures are also published on important national and international magazines and newspapers. His work has also been displayed both in Italy and abroad in personal and group exhibitions. His photographs and movie documentary have been awarded in international festivals and competitions. Since 2007 he is professor assistant at Milan’s Politecnico University, and he also teaches photography in a number of public and private venues.