[ Kolkata, INDIA ] I was walking through the streets of Kolkata, where I found a small old fashioned empty Barber Shop where a Barber was sitting, it was the time when just the lockdown was over in India and people had just started coming out of their houses maintaining Covid-19 protocols, I was having a conversation with the barber, all I gotta know that how his business was declining day by day due to the effect of the pandemic and after a 6 months lockdown while having the conversation he looked at his mirror that's when I took the shot focusing on his reflection in the mirror. For me, this picture is a reflection of a common man, who is working hard by running a barbershop, during these tough times of pandemic too.
I am Shubhodeep Roy, a 20-year-old student photographer based in Kolkata, India. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University Of Calcutta. Photography is my hobby and I have started doing it from a very young age. Borrowing my uncle’s Nikon D60 camera. Photography is like a meditation for me, there’s a balance between my mind and my body. For me, photography is all about living in the present moment, the candidness. I love to try and explore various genres of this beautiful art. A few of my achievements in this field are, I am the winner of the Best Photo Award in Welcome to Asia Photo Contest (JAPAN) and the winner of the 3rd Prize in Portrait Category in 2nd Life In Another Light Photo Contest (USA). I am also a monthly award winner of the CEWE Photo Award (GERMANY). My shots have been exhibited in Kolkata International Photography Festival 2019, Chennai Photo Biennale’s #My2020Hero Initiative, THC Chiiz World Photography Day Exhibition, The Lensation 2020, and in Islamic University (BANGLADESH). A few of my publications are in Photo Weekly Magazine (GERMANY), Better Photography Magazine, Asian Photography Magazine, Chiiz Photofeaphy Magazine, Ei Samay Newspaper(Regional Bengali), and Vogue Italia. I was also featured in an editorial by Wipplay (FRANCE) called “Weekly Talent Run #09.2021” I am mainly into portrait, Street, and Documentary photography.