2020 brought about one of most uncertain of times in modern culture as pandemic ravaged the world and the entire human race are forced to confine within their homes into lockdown. Daily lives, festivities , grandeurs were all shut down and among them, the grandest of events in any Indian household i.e one’s marriage came to a stark stop for the expected couples who were to tie knots during the lockdown months . But as we know , love can overcome every obstacle. Hence here we see a newly wedded couple, dressed in their Sunday best , wearing mask exist a temple on the in Kolkata after tying knot on the first opportunity when the lockdown restrictions were lifted partially. No grand events , no guest .Just the closed ones and their better halves is all that was needed to get married. Love is the only thing that was important.
Born in 1990 , Debarchan Chatterjee is an independent journalist and visual artist from Kolkata. His work is strongly focussed towards documenting the raw news of the ever volatile geo-political climate of current India. Currently he is a fulltime member of Diversify Photo and employed with ZUMA Press USA as their correspondent for Eastern India. Chatterjee was published in various world renowned publications like Times, Wall Street Journal, Guardian, Fobres India, Fortune magazine etc.