Living in an idea of a society where nobody cares about nobody. Especially, when you are living in mess (hostel), in a city like this, you count as a nobody always. And that didn’t bother me anyway. Because, for a long time, I have been separated myself from this idea of society. And normally don’t take part in anything that society requires. So, at a first glance, the idea of quarantine was not a big deal for me. After the outbreaks of COVID-19 declared, all of my messmates leave Dhaka immediately. I am the only person who chooses to live alone thinking about the safety of my family members, who live far from this city, knowing that this virus can transmit through the air and land on the mouths or noses of others nearby. And in the process of living alone, there is a confession build between me and the solitude. Confession between god and a lone bird become more strong now. Learned how to ask more questions and understanding the act of surroundings. Learned how to live alone more, how much everything matters. Maybe I am ready!
Jawwadul Fattah is a freelance photographer based in Dhaka. Currently having a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from Counter Foto. Photography is a very important part of my language, to discover and capture what the heart feels and sees in a certain moment. To experiencing and understanding all my spiritual journey through a single click. Learning the essence of living in the present. Learning to think more than talking. Learning to walk, to write more. Turning the solitude as a part of living.