Interview with Miki Hasegawa

A Voice For Herself And Others


After publishing “Internal Notebook”, a brutally honest book about child abuse in Japan which has helped many to open up about their dark past, photographer Miki Hasegawa is now working hard to expand the conversation into another taboo subject — sexual crimes. She tells POY Asia Co-Director Kay-Chin Tay it is all about giving everyone a voice.

日本おける児童虐待についての残酷なまでに誠実な本である「Internal Notebook」を出版し、多くの人が暗い過去を打ち明けるきっかけとなった写真家、長谷川美祈は現在、もう一つのタブーである性犯罪に議論を展開しようと懸命に取り組んでいます。彼女はPOY Asia 共同ディレクターである郑家进に最も重要なのはすべての人に声を与えることだと語ります。

Interview with Arin Yoon

The Outsider

A photographer who lives in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas with her husband and two young children, Arin Yoon exemplifies the spirit of ‘pointing the camera inward’. As a military spouse herself, her current work deals with the everyday lives of military families. Often alone with their children when her husband is away on long assignments for the Army, the South Korea-born artist who immigrated to the US when she was five uses her camera to tell her story, as well as the stories of others.

The Monthly Photography Interview

In an article for leading Korean photography magazine facilitated by MAF Director and POY Asia 2021 judge Suejin Shin, POY Co-Directors Lynden Steele and Kay-Chin Tay talk about the POY Asia 2022 exhibition in Seoul. While the article appears only in Korean, we are happy to provide the English transcript here.

Interview with Ki-Ho Park

The Rock & Butter from Seoul

Born into a family of creative souls, young Ki-Ho Park was advised to stay clear of the arts. But when he found his true calling in photography, there was no turning back. Over a bowl of noodle and a cup of coffee in Seoul, he shares his long journey with POY Asia Co-Director and Founding Advisor Kay-Chin Tay.

Interview with Cindy Liu

The Accidental Photojournalist

With a computer science degree, things could have been simpler if she had gone to work in Silicon Valley like many of her classmates. Instead, Cindy Liu, who feels like she’s still learning how to navigate the world of photojournalism, finds herself collecting stories in Phnom Penh.

Dialogue with
Cheryl Wee
& Byeongsik Lim

Double Visions

In our first bilingual dialogue, we let Cheryl Wee, a Singaporean copy editor who occasionally makes pictures, and Byeongsik Lim, a South Korean photojournalist, have a go at each other. Oh yes, before we forget, they are married to each other.

POY Asia 에서 두 가지 언어로 구성된 첫번째 대화입니다. 싱가포르의 사진 찍는 카피 에디터 쉐릴 위와 남한의 임병식 사진기자가 사진에 대한 이야기를 나누어 보았습니다. 아, 참고로 두 사람은 부부입니다.

Interview with Prashant Panjiar
Founding Advisor, POY Asia

A Life in Pictures

In a place where photographers are still pigeonholed today, Prashant Panjiar was a trailblazer who rose to be among the top management at a major magazine in India, where he was making decisions beyond ‘which images to use’. Now out of the daily grind, he shares generously his wealth of knowledge and wisdom with anyone who is prepared to accept that he only speaks the truth, and not what’s pleasant to hear. The Founding Advisor of POY Asia takes Daniel Jamang, POY Asia Chief Coordinator, on a personal tour into his mind.

Interview with Yehyun KIM
College Photographer of the Year 2020

Going Places, Thanks to Photojournalism

From teaching English in her native South Korea to winning College Photographer of the Year, an award that includes an internship at the esteemed National Geographic, photojournalist Yehyun Kim has come a long long way.

Interview with Bryan van der Beek
POY Asia 2021

Staying Positive: The Faces of a Pandemic

From SARS to COVID-19; carefree, single to responsible and loving husband and father of four; secure staff position to crazy freelance world; Bryan VAN DER BEEK has little time to think about inconvenient changes. He doesn’t admit readily but he remains idealistic and still believes that photography can make the world a better place, one frame at a time.