A 9-year-old boy stood on the ice-covered lake in northeast China, a popular scenic spot in Qiqihar City. He used a plastic bag to protect himself from Covid. To escape from Covid-19 pandemic, he was taken to less populated hometown by his parents, rather than hustle and bustle Beijing where he lives.

Award of Excellence

Qiang Li

Qiang Li is an award-winning photographer based in Beijing, and in New York since May, 2022. He has won the First Place of the 79th Pictures of the Year, Sports Life Category,2022. Award of Excellence, Pictures of the Year 79 Sports Life,2022. Finalist, Recreational & Traditional Sports, POY Asia 2022. The 2nd place of the 76th Pictures of the Year, Daily Life Category, 2019 . Four-time China International Press Photo Contest winner, etc. He has traveled to almost all places in China, and around 30 foreign countries, the trips broadened his horizons, increased his interest in searching for the roots of different kind of cultures and societies via his visual works. Previously, he was a photojournalist at the Beijing News covering breaking news all over China, and later the Director of Photography of China Newsweek Magazine. He also contributed to international media, such as Time, the New York Times, Washington Post, USA TODAY, AP, AFP, Reuters, etc. In 2014, He founded an independent organization Yihe Image, promoting news photography international exchange between China, America and Europe. Qiang Li has helped more than 3000 Chinese photographers from over 200 news media and independent studios to participant international photo contests, exhibitions and workshops. Because of his achievements in organizing international photography workshops and activities, Qiang Li received exclusive interviews from Time Magazine, Washington Post, and numerous Chinese mainstream media.

[ PORTRAITS ] A single photograph of a person or group of people that increases the understanding and appreciation of the subject(s). Selfies or self-portraits are acceptable. Submissions do not have to adhere to documentary principles. Alternate processes and digital manipulations are allowed. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 10 images. The images must be taken in 2022.

Judges for Portraits
Sandipa Malakar
Willy Kurniawan
Zhou Yang
Ki-Ho Park
Suzanne Lee
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