Chemical dependency of addicts is a great suffer for their relatives. Parents,wives, children devote their lives to their addicts' illness, forgetting about themselves. This makes the problem worse & worse. One could say that co-dependents are also addicted, but not to the substance, but to the loved one. Addicts and co-dependents mirror each other. And when one of them changes his or her way of thinking and behavior, it changes the life of the whole family. I made photos of co-dependents reflecting in the mirror, and I saw myself in those reflections



Darya Aslanyan

A member of the Union of Photoartists of Russia since 2005, winner of photographic international photocontest “Direct look” 2016, 2018, 2021, Russia, finalist of World Reportage Award 2018, Italy (student category), Young photographers of Russia in 2003,2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. The participant of more then 20 group exhibitions, including Young man in the 21st century (2015, Lithuania), “Marsciano Arte Giovani” (Italy, 2016). Work for Takie Dela, Russia, Moscow.

[ PORTRAIT SERIES ] A series of photographs that reflects a strong sense of identity or narrative. Respect for the dignity of the person is important. Submissions do not have to adhere to documentary principles. Alternate processes and digital manipulations are allowed. Each submission consists of 5 to 10 images. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 3 submissions. All images must be taken in 2022.

Judges for Portrait Series
Sandipa Malakar
Willy Kurniawan
Zhou Yang
Ki-Ho Park
Suzanne Lee
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