[ GENERAL NEWS ] A single photograph of a news event or social issue for which planning was possible. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 10 images. The images must be taken in 2022.

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First Place

Ezra Acayan
Getty Images

A Catholic priest talks to police standing guard, as Filipinos take part in a protest against election results outside the Commission on Elections building on May 10, 2022 in Manila, Philippines. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. took his oath as the next Philippine President on June 30, 2022, completing a once unthinkable political revival of his family 36 years after his dictator father, Ferdinand Marcos Sr., who was accused and charged of amassing billions of dollars of ill-gotten wealth as well as committing tens of thousands of human rights abuses during his autocratic rule, was ousted by millions of Filipinos in a people power revolution. Marcos won the presidential elections with a massive 31 million votes after mounting a hugely popular campaign based largely on disinformation to whitewash his family's sins.


Lisa Marie David

Police officers block activists during a protest denouncing the proclamation of the new Philippine president and vice president, in front of the Commission on Human Rights, in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, May 25, 2022.


Pratik Chorge

Villagers residing in Thadacha Pada, gather around a dry well to fill water provided by tankers, at Shahapur Taluka in Thane District, on April 9, 2022 in Mumbai, India. Even after surrounding with large dams such as Bhatsa, Tansa and Vaitarna, many villages face water shortage in Shahapur taluka since many years. Women along with their little kids help in filling water and daily survival has become tough. Many school children are unable to pursue their studies due to this daily routine. The sudden rise in temperature for past few weeks, is a major cause of concern if the situation worsens.

Award of Excellence

Matichai Teawna

A Thai pro-democracy protester is kicking police shields while a gathering calling to stop The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings 2022 in Thailand.

Award of Excellence

Anthony Kwan
Getty Images
Hong Kong

Patients displaying Covid-19 symptoms lay in beds as they wait at a temporary holding area outside Caritas Medical Centre on February 15, 2022 in Hong Kong, China. Health authorities confirm a new daily record of 1,600 infections while near a record high of 5,400 people tested preliminary positive. At least 10,000 infected people are waiting to be admitted to Hong Kong hospitals as cases overwhelm the public health care system.

Award of Excellence

Aditya Aji

The condition a village after earthquake 5.6-magnitude struck the area on Novenber 22, 2022 in Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia, leaving at least 602 people dead, tousands people injured and others missing. The shallow quake caused landslides, flattened tens of thousands of homes, destroying whole villages and closing access roads.