In this town in the easternmost part of Turkey, young women stand behind a curtain as a sign of respect for their male guests. February 2, 2022. Bahcesaray, Van. Turkey

Award of Excellence

Ugur Yildirim

I was born in the city of Tunceli in the east of Turkey in 1985. I studied journalism and philosophy at Ankara University. While continuing my education, I have done special news and photo projects for many magazines and newspapers. I have covered the war for Syria, ISIS military operation in Mosul, refugee migration in the Aegean, Myanmar Arakan crisis, Gaza, Libya, Azerbaijan-Nagorno-Karabakh, Ukraine-Russia War, especially in many countries in Asia and Africa. I have worked in war-conflict areas and crisis zones in different parts of the world. I had the chance to report and photograph important events in the world. I have won many national and international awards with the photos I have taken. I work on news and photography projects focusing on humanitarian questions/consequences arising from War- Crisis and its aftermath.

[ DAILY LIFE ] A single photograph, candid and un-posed, that reflects the human experience, celebrates life, or chronicles a cultural trend. Respect for the dignity of the person is important. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 10 images. The images must be taken in 2022.

Judges for Daily Life
Jilson Tiu
Uma Bista
Takaaki Iwabu
Parisa Azadi
Nathan Tsui
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