Mr Mohammad Yazid Sulaiman, 56, wished for a last date with his wife, Madam Norraizan Yub, 50, at East Coast Park, a favourite venue for their Saturday night dates. It was also where he had proposed to her 24 years ago on Feb 26 – a day before his birthday. Mr Yazid, who had colon cancer, died on March 4, six days after their last date on Feb 26, 2022. The husband and wife share a tender moment as they enjoy the romantic set-up arranged by Ambulance Wish Singapore (AWS). AWS is a charity that fulfils the last wishes of terminally ill patients with less than 12 months to live. AWS is the local chapter of the Ambulance Wish Foundation started by an ambulance driver in the Netherlands to grant terminally ill patients their last wish.

Award of Excellence

Chong Jun Liang
The Straits Times

A photojournalist with Singapore’s broadsheet, The Straits Times, Chong Jun Liang has been actively working and participating in the photography industry and community for more than a decade. His body of work covers news reportage, portraiture, events and sports. Apart from working as a full time photographer, he also guest-lectures on photography in schools and universities, as well as mentors students who are developing keen interest in photography.

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