As a child, I thought that when I become an adult, I would also have children. And back then it seemed that this moment was very far away, and as if it would never come. I did not imagine myself as someone else, someone bigger and more important than I am. Now I am still the same as I was when I was 31 years old. But there is a feeling of anxiety and expectation from things familiar to the eye. Outwardly, nothing has changed, but everything seems to be different. Imminent changes excite me and inflame the atmosphere around me. And I feel like time is speeding up, the gap between me and me in the new role of a father is shortening. I’ve heard a lot from friends about what it’s like to have a baby. Now I can only imagine what will await me in the future after my son is born.

Award of Excellence

Born and Raised

Vladislav Bulenkov

Vlad Bulenkov was born in Leningrad, USSR in 1990, he graduated from the faculty of photojournalists named after. Y. A. Galperin and studyed at the Docdocdoc School of Contemporary Photography. He is a winner of competitions and participant of international group exhibitions. Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

[ DAILY LIFE PICTURE STORY ] A narrative picture story that reflects the everyday human experience, celebrates life, or chronicles a cultural trend. Respect for the dignity of the person is important. Each submission consists of 5 to 10 images. Each participant is allowed to enter up to 3 submissions. All images must be taken in 2022.

Judges for Daily Life Picture Story
Jilson Tiu
Uma Bista
Takaaki Iwabu
Parisa Azadi
Nathan Tsui
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