Daniel Mung

New Delhi, INDIA

"Growing up in a region which is generally ignored by the mass media, local or international, it took me a while to realize how visual representation, empathy, and proximity mattered. During my role as a POYi coordinator, I witnessed a wide spectrum of images I have not seen before. That’s one of the reasons why regional POYs such as POY Asia were created — to be more inclusive and amplify voices from each continent."

Daniel Mung, Chief Coordinator of POY Asia, is a documentary photographer from Northeast India who just relocated to New Delhi. He is drawn to weaving stories that focus on migration, culture and identity. In 2018, he graduated from the University of Missouri with a Master’s degree in Photojournalism and he was the coordinator for both College Photographer of the Year and Pictures of the Year for two years. Over the past few years, he has worked as a communications consultant at the global, regional and national level for international developmental non-profits.

“I have always found inspiration and learn from the work of other photographers. POY Asia 2022 is a great opportunity for me.”

Born in Afghanistan but now living in India, Mursal Mohammadi is a final year student in Multimedia and Mass Communication at the Indraprastha College for Women University of Delhi. Besides her academic studies, she is an active photographer and visual storyteller. She was most recently a Research and Communication intern with Aga Khan University Partnership Office. She is a freelance interpreter for asylum seekers’ projects. Mursal is in the Journalism mentorship programme with UNHCR New York and her photographs and stories on fellow refugees have been published by UNHCR. Giving back to her community through volunteer work is a big part of her life and she has over two years of experience teaching English to the refugee community.

Yong Li Xuan

Singapore, SINGAPORE

“I’m grateful to be a part of this celebration of Asian photography and storytelling, especially during these trying times. I can’t wait to see the region’s top photos and learn from the judges’ critiques.”

Yong Li Xuan strives to be a journalist with heart. The final-year undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (NTU WKWSCI) hopes to help others empathise with the marginalised through her work. She was inspired to pursue a career in journalism after interning as a photojournalist at Singapore Press Holdings’ English/Malay/Tamil Media group. She was the photo editor of Go-Far 2021 — a selective journalism programme that reported on football in Singapore; their features were published by local and international news outlets and released in a book titled Goal. She is currently the photo editor of student-run news platform Soapbox.sg in NTU.

Brian Teo

Singapore, SINGAPORE

“It is always exciting to uncover the works of other photographers around the world, especially in Asia. Through this experience, I hope to learn more about what makes a good body of work.”

Brian Teo is a Singapore based photographer who fuses visual storytelling with the spontaneity of street photography. His works have been exhibited locally — such as the National Museum of Singapore — and featured in major publications like Lianhe Zaobao. He clinched the Singapore Young Photographer’s Award in 2018 and was one of the finalists of Lensculture’s Black & White Photography Awards in 2019. He was also one of the photographers involved in Singapore’s nomination to inscribe hawker culture on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2019.

Pek Yan Lin

Singapore, SINGAPORE

“POY Asia provides a valuable platform for Asian photographers to gather and learn from one another. I’m glad to return this year and be given the opportunity to garner new perspectives from the participants as well as the judges.”

Pek Yan Lin (also known as Yan-Lin Pek) is a Singaporean photojournalist and documentary photographer. In addition to assignment work, Yan Lin devotes her time to projects that focus on community, social issues and the people around her, processing her surroundings and world. Yan Lin’s aim is to shed light on a lesser-known side of the society and inspire others to care. In 2021, she was selected to participate in the 34th edition of the Eddie Adams Workshop. She is currently a staff photojournalist for Singapore’s largest Chinese-language newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao.

Hillary Tan

Singapore, SINGAPORE

“I have witnessed how POYi and CPOY have thrown spotlight on great but underseen work. POY Asia will do the same for Asian photography and I want to be part of the effort.”

Hillary Tan is currently a video journalist with The Straits Times in Singapore. He graduated with a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri, where he focused on photojournalism. Hillary has also been a coordinator for POY International as well as College Photographer of the Year.

POY Asia Coordinators, all volunteers with day jobs, are extremely crucial to the success of the competition. They are the ones who check all the submissions to ensure they are in line with the contest rules. They also work on all communication aspects for our small organisation. During the judging, they read captions, project the images, answer queries from judges, and assist the moderators in every possible way. Interested to work with us? Please contact Chief Coordinator Daniel Mung at daniel@poy.asia.